Improve Longevity, Reduce Downtime

Imagine knowing your equipment is going to fail before it does. Not only would you save money on repairs, but you'd also prevent failures from halting your operations. Luckily, with Aquire Facilities Management software, you won't need a crystal ball to see into the future. 

Control & Optimize Your HVAC Systems

Our HVAC monitoring software offers predictive solutions to minimize equipment—and business—downtime. Along with providing performance insights and alerts, Aquire also gives you full control over your facility's heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

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Failure Prevention, Alerts & More

By preventing major breakdowns, our predictive HVAC maintenance tools prolong appliance lifetimes, optimize building comfort and ensure air quality is up to par.  Plus, with money saved on energy consumption, repair costs and equipment replacements, you can re-invest in your business for bigger returns. 

When the equipment slows, our software knows.

Aquire Facilities Management Services provides predictive software solutions for your mechanical equipment. Contact us today to learn how our technology can benefit your business.

System Performance

Monitor equipment performance, energy consumption and more.

Personalized Solutions

Software customizations for your business's unique needs.

Predictive Maintenance

Receive alerts about performance changes before a breakdown.
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What You Get
With Our HVAC Building Management Systems

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Commercial HVAC Control

Whether you run a small shop or a chain of businesses throughout Canada, our HVAC building automation systems make it easy to ensure indoor comfort in all your locations.

Efficiency Monitoring

Get the most out of the energy and money you put into your HVAC systems with advanced efficiency monitoring and control options. 

Optimized Energy Consumption

Effortlessly hit your sustainability targets with Aquire's smart HVAC building management system. This software tool monitors and optimizes your heating and cooling power usage to minimize your carbon footprint. 

Failure Predictions

This is what sets us apart. Aquire's failure prediction technology uses data from your mechanical systems to warn about breakdowns well before they happen. 

Automated Maintenace and Servicing

With Acquire Facilities Management Systems, you can automate maintenance calls to an HVAC technician of your choice to reduce equipment downtime. 

About Aquire Facilities Management Systems

Aquire uses leading-edge technology to manage and maintain commercial building systems. A unique product within Canada, Aquire software saves you time, money and energy, all while offering complete control over the systems that support your business operations.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that different businesses have different needs. That's why we aim to offer something for everyone, whether you manage one building or need a multi-facility solution. 

Peace of Mind 

Aquire's HVAC building management system takes the guesswork out of equipment malfunctions and catches any issues before they become a bigger problem. With Aquire FMS technology in place, you can count on fewer breakdowns and replacements. 

Boost Customer Satisfaction 

Aquire Facilities Management Services focuses on your buildings' systems so you can focus on what matters most—your customers. 

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Get In Touch

Want to learn more about what our technology can do for your business? Reach out to the Aquire team today to receive an overview of our automated smart solutions along with a preliminary quotation. 

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