“When the equipment slows, our software knows”

Aquire Facilities Management software is a predictive software for your mechanical equipment; specializing in creating truly smart buildings and multi-site facilities.

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Aquire – Facilities Management Services

Aquire is a true Facilities Management company. Using forward thinking, cutting edge, predictive
technology we can fix your equipment BEFORE it fails, reducing utilities costs.Aquire is not just a dispatch company; our predictive software ensures equipment is only serviced when truly necessary, minimizing maintenance costs and eliminating down time.

Aquire will take care of your equipment so your employees can take care of your customers.

  • Pay for equipment service only when necessary
  • No more guesswork; “is the fridge broken; or was the door just left open?”

Focus on customers, not equipment malfunctions.
Aquire Facilities Management Software allows your customer the PERFECT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. Every single time.

HVAC Control & Monitoring

  • Full Control of HVAC Systems
  • Monitor HVAC Efficiency
  • Monitor Energy Consumption
  • Predict Failures
  • Know When to Trigger a PM instead of General Scheduling

Refrigeration Monitoring and Reporting

  • Full Automatic Temp. Logs
  • Monitor Efficiency
  • Monitor Energy
  • Predict Failures & Cleanings
  • Reduce Product Waste

Lighting Control

  • Full Automation Control
  • Monitor Energy Consumption
  • Set Lighting Schedules
  • Perform Nation Wide Changes Instantly

Other Facility Management Items

  • Hot Water Tanks
  • Toilets
  • Food & Beverage Equipment
  • Trash Compactors
  • Grease Interceptors
  • If You Need It Monitored, We Can Design A Solution

We are here to help you and your team.

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